About us

Tallinn Art School was founded in 1975. The school provides extracurricular studies in the field of fine arts. Its primary goals are to develop students’ artistic abilities, to introduce the history of art and to become skilled at making and recognizing the phenomena of contemporary art. Students for a basic programme are accepted from the age of 12. The programme offers training in drawing, painting, sculpture, composition, photography, print-making, ceramics, and the history of art. Languages of instruction are Estonian and Russian, personal guidance in English is possible as well. The majority of the teachers are practicing artists. Admission is based on interest in art; previous skills are recommended but not obligatory. The school holds summer camps each summer. Students are encouraged to participate in international art competitions and exhibitions. Visits to museums and galleries are organised regularly. Tallinn Art School often cooperates with similar schools in Estonia and abroad. The education given in our school can serve a good basis for further education in higher art institutions such as the Estonian Academy of Arts.


Tallinn Art School
Kevade 4
10137 Tallinn
Phone: +372 662 2242, +372 662 2076
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E-mail: info@tallinnakunstikool.ee